Jun 012011

David Scott and John MagnumTake a deep breath. Relax and let your chakras align. Feel the energy pulsate through you. Breathe deep. Join the boys of Buckshot as they take you away on a tantric journey of true sexual bliss. Become one with your body and enter into a nirvana of sensual delight. Let your senses be your guide. Let your desire be your drive. Become one with Lotus.

Watch a clip from Lotus starring David Scott and John Magnum!

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May 242011

Dayton O'Connor, Kyler Benz, Nash Lawler and John MagnumThe green grove of academia is mowed down as sexual hijinks sweep hallowed halls and secret chambers. It’s all elementary… fresh pledges are fresh meat… low men on the totem pole… the bottom of the food chain. And for six unsuspecting collegiate hoping for admittance to Phi Epsilon Chi, little do they know what they’re in for – a raucous night of ritual hazing that’ll separate the men from the boys. Freshmen, beware, ‘cuz mayhem rules!

Watch a clip from Pledgemaster The Hazing starring Dayton O’Connor, Kyler Benz, Nash Lawler and John Magnum!

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